September 2021 Market Update

transcript below

Hello, everyone. Just a quick check in on a couple of different items we want to bring you up to date on. Number one, we’re hearing a lot of commentary recently about the inevitability of a significant market pullback. Although we have moved a lot, and on the upside since March and April of the pandemic, if you all remember it doesn’t mean it’s inevitable that we get a correction.

As you remember a couple of videos ago, we did mention, we wouldn’t be surprised by one and we wouldn’t know either, but we don’t think it’s something to reposition portfolios of in anticipation of we, again, as I said, we’d been rebalancing and we also have ample amounts of cash to take advantage of any pullback should it happen? And we think that that’s the prudent course. Bottom line is we’re still positive. We follow data, as you all know, that data looks extremely positive.

So even if we do get a pull back, our expectations are that valuations come year end will be higher than they are now. And we’re very positive as we move into next year as well.

Second update. As you’re all aware, we transition our business to a different platform back in February. Primary reason for that client enhancement. One of those enhancements is we’re now able to offer a number of different alternative investments that we didn’t have available before.

By alternative, we simply mean different than the typical stocks and bonds, primary reason for often the alternatives. They can enhance return, which is obviously what we’re always looking to do. But, just as important, they provide the downside protection that we may not be able to achieve. Otherwise that’s just as important to us.

So we’re looking at some of those into the mix. We’ll continue to communicate those things to you. Bottom line is we’re still positive. You all stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll take care of the rest. Talk to you soon.

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