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Is it Safe to Retire When the Stock Market is so Volatile?

Entering retirement marks a major shift from being active in the workforce to relying on your investments to keep you afloat. Hear what experts say if you are close to retirement during this crazy time in the market.

Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste Broken In Down Days

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. A recently discovered bacteria might just be the solution we need.

Killing it Softly: How the Fed Should Fight Inflation

David Kelly at J.P. Morgan has a great overview in his LinkedIn post of the current market and how the feds may respond to the stumble in economic growth and a surge in inflation.

Thoughts on Ukraine

A few Thoughts on Ukraine from First Trust. Our prayers are with the Ukraine People and for a quick end to this senseless invasion.

Socially Responsible Investing with Tom Pappas

Today we’re talking about Socially Responsible Investing. With all the changes happening, investing in sustainability for our communities…

Alternative Investments with Matt Pappas

What are Alternative Investments? How do they work? What’s different about them? These types of investments include…

Supercharging Your Finances

Need to know when the best time to start saving for the future? Well, the time is now! CNBC has a great article by Nicholas Vega called “Money excerpts: These 5 pieces of advice can supercharge your finances in 2022.”

Probate and Your Estate

U.S. News & World Report has a fantastic primer for navigating probate called “Everything You Need to Know About Probate.” The ins and outs of probate can be mind boggling. First of all, what is it? How does probate work?

September 2021 Market Update

We’re hearing a lot of commentary recently about the inevitability of a significant market pullback. Although we have moved a lot, and on the upside since March and April of the pandemic, if you all remember it doesn’t mean it’s…

Roth Conversions

As part of our process, The Insight Formula, we’re looking at that total financial picture. So not just your investments and your investment accounts, but how things like taxes and the state laws can impact how we should structure things…

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