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‘Secure 2.0’ clears Congress as part of omnibus appropriations bill, will bring more changes to U.S. retirement system

Could this affect your retirement? Here’s a great breakdown on the likely coming if the bill passes the Senate.

Estate Planning
We need to talk: Communicating your estate plan with your family

Communicating your estate plan and ensuring your family understands your long term wishes is important. Doing so may even increase the likelihood that your estate planning is executed according to your wishes. While it can feel uncomfortable to have such discussions, relying on a team of trusted advisors can help.

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Weekly Market Pulse: Peak Pessimism?

Goodbye and good riddance to the third quarter of 2022! Joe Calhoun of Alhambra Investments wrote a great article on October 3rd reviewing the past year and giving a little perspective on what may be the bright side of this bear market.

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Client Resource Kit: Markets in Perspective

First Trust put out a great article recently that breaks down the market in the good and the bad years spanning back to the earlier 1900’s. Investors like to avoid stock market declines at all costs, but declines are an inevitable part of investing. A little background can help put stock market declines into perspective.

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Inflation Reduction Act is Really the Energy Expansion Act

Energy Income Partners (EIP) and Arbo joined up to give context to the Energy Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, signed by President Biden on August 16th.
It’s the new provisions, however, that should be of interest to investors in energy in general, utilities and pipelines in particular.

Dollar Remains World Reserve Currency

How many times have you heard that the US dollar will collapse because of Fed and fiscal policy? According to the pessimists, this will bring the loss of reserve currency
status, and possibly the rise of China. Replace China with Russia, and it sounds like the 1970s. However, Brian S. Wesbury of First Trust explains, further in this article how the dollar is not weakening, as it did in the 1970s, the dollar is surging.

Recession Risks and Investment Implications

There is great uncertainty in today’s very unusual environment, as to if an actual recession will be trigger. More importantly, even if the economy does end up in recession, investors need to consider how severe and long-lasting that recession might be.

Is it Safe to Retire When the Stock Market is so Volatile?

Entering retirement marks a major shift from being active in the workforce to relying on your investments to keep you afloat. Hear what experts say if you are close to retirement during this crazy time in the market.

Plastic Waste
Plastic Waste Broken In Down Days

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. A recently discovered bacteria might just be the solution we need.

Killing it Softly: How the Fed Should Fight Inflation

David Kelly at J.P. Morgan has a great overview in his LinkedIn post of the current market and how the feds may respond to the stumble in economic growth and a surge in inflation.

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